I’m making a separate page for various updates. It’ll have stuff y’all need to know (I.E stuff outside lore). Here it is Updates

Howdy folk. This isn’t going to be a typical campaign. There will be no noble adventurers going forth to defend the poor townsfolk against the bugbear invaders in the name of righteousness. There will be no pro bono healings for the town besieged by saughin. Terrible things will happen, atrocities will occur all around our protagonists.

They are unphased. They are antiheroes. Life dealt them all a fuck-all hand. They are in it for themselves, worshippers of the ego and the almighty GP. Wandering soldiers of fortune, they sell their services to the highest bidder, devoid of moral or malice, all to fuel their increasing capacity for violence and revenge as they rail against the world that spurned them; Or, to support their attempts to drown their pasts in booze and women of ill-repute.

(If any of the above seemed to be similar to the home page of my other campaign, congratulations, you have both a web browser and too much time on your hands)

What you do is your decision. Become an elite assassin of the Shadows Guild, a mighty summoner who binds greater demons, the guildmaster, a crusader, or wandering soldier of fortune. Will you become a person of consequence in the Guild, follow rumors of a new power in the north, or bring order to the kingdom? Do as you wish, but keep in mind that your choices influence what happens and what direction the story will take.


  • DM can veto any character
  • Dungeons can be defeated multiple ways, they will not be a generic hack and slash dungeon crawl
  • general rules still apply
  • All Players must submit a brief background of their character. this includes things that everyone will know plus any secrets. If its not in the background, it never happened or isn’t true (unless DM clears it in advance)

A Symphony of Shadows