Updated Sept 25 2012
Still revamping some pages, but the factions (which is that main important bit) page is fixed. Mostly. Read up! Also, all players will have to have the latest copy of maptools on their computer for game day. It’s free, don’t freak out. Either come get it from the flashdrive I’ll have going around, or go to jptools

Also, because we lack paper character sheets, I’m thinking we use mythweavers, but I don’t particularly care how you write your shit down. Your character sheet shrugs Just make sure I have a copy.

Updated Sept 1 2010

Done with the Races page. Though if you have a good idea for a race, I’m open to suggestions. Don’t give me specifics, but if you have any ideas for a race that would play a role that isn’t taken already, suggest it.

Updated Aug 31 2010

Yeah, so I’m going to start working on the first map pretty soon, so we need to get all the pre-game stuff out of the way. You know, the minor details, like your characters. So lets talk just a bit about that, just some stuff I forgot to mention below. All classes (pending DM approval of course if it’s from extra source books) are allowed, though if you’re going to be a monk in my world you had better have one DAMN good backstory that fits amazingly with the wiki lore. I guess the same goes for a Barbarian, but it needs to make perfect sense in the game world.

As an added note, check the Races page for the list of human races. What can I say, I felt like spicing them up some. Mostly because other races are rare in this world. I should be done with the list in a little bit. Read the stuff below if you haven’t already.

Updated Aug 18 2010

Alright folk, got some more stuff for ya. Before you submit your full on character sheet to me, just send me what class you think you might be. Remember, this campaign is not solely combat oriented. Talk with the other players and try and figure out a balanced party. If you can find a fourth player, that may make life easier. Then after we’ve decided what your party will consist of, start thinking of your character concept, IE backstory, personality, name ect. If you want, you could even make out your sheet. Just remember the rules about vetoing a character (see below). Just make sure that your character makes sense in the setting, taking into account their backstory. Take me seriously when I say to read the wiki. It’s not that much, and it is important to the story. I don’t want to have to stop gameplay every five minutes to explain a common knowledge reference. If you don’t know, then it will be assumed your character does not know, so skimp on the wiki at your own risk.

Updated July 18, 2010

I need some stuff from you. Get it to me ASAP.
  1. Character background. I need to know this so I can work the story a bit. send it to me in a mail, or even my email. This falls under the catagory of “If you don’t do it, your charcter will end up being a renowned pedophile and/or other terrible things that I think of”. K
  2. Your basic Character sheet.
  3. What class you think your gonna be. remember we need a decent mix, NOT 2 meatsheilds and a rogue.
  4. You need to read through the wiki!. Remember, your character is citizen of that world even if you aren’t. I would expect someone who lives there to know something about it. For example, if your talking to an NPC and he mentions that he got a shipment from Hydaryn Bay, and you respond “Where’s that?” he’ll think your a retard.

Vetoing a character

Yes, because I know from experience that @#$%ing with the DM is a major goal for players. Be that as it may, it should not influence the story to some severe degree. And because I know that other wise someone will try to play a character with the above blonde stats. So yes, a character can be vetoed either by me or the other players. Players however cannot veto an NPC. If the DM, me, says no to the character it is vetoed (I think of it as “aborted from existence”). If a simple majority of your teammates say nay, then it is vetoed (This is more “Voted out of existence”).


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