Mages Council

Closely related to the Courts, The Mages Council is the governing body of magic. They dictate laws regarding the use and practice of magiks.

It is not only a court, it is also a forum for the more serious practitioners of the art to debate magical theory and to publish their various discoveries.

The High council consists of 12 members, with Summoners, Healers, Illusionists, Enchanters, Morphists, Evokers, Wardens, and until recently, Necromancers being represented.

The Guildmaster of Shadows recently expelled necromancers from the Guild. He then exerted considerable pressure on the council to ban necromancy in all its forms in the land. The council relented and bowed before the guildmaster. The uncharacteristic show of power by the Shadows Guild has disturbed many who are used to the guild avoiding using heavy handed measures. Some have taken it as a shadow of events to come.

Mages Council

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